Jorge Guifarro is the Owner and Executive Director of La Solucion LLC a multiservice organization dedicated to serving the Southeast Wisconsin Hispanic population since 2009. Jorge Guifarro is an innovated and successful entrepreneur currently managing 5 direct employees and several contractors under his supervision. As the Executive Director Jorge Guifarro is no longer able to have direct contact with all clients, his main responsibility has become to develop the strategic vision, planning of new programs, and services of the organization and expanding current partnerships.

Under the leadership of Jorge Guifarro, La Solucion LLC's programs and services have successfully responded to the challenging needs of the Hispanic Community. His accomplishments during his tenure as Executive Director of La Solucion LLC include strategic planning to ensure efficient agency-wide service delivery; vastly expanding community collaboration and creating a strong network of attorneys and counselors assisting clients at La Solucion LLC’s facilities on a permanent basis.

Throughout his career as an entrepreneur Jorge Guifarro has established several for-profit successful businesses, some of his major successes have been La Solucion Tech LLC, a Dealer for technical services which was in time sold to TELCIM a Nationwide Dealer, and WI Cleaning Doctors.

Jorge Guifarro is a Honduran national who came to the United States and graduated with a bachelors Degree at Southwestern University in Keene, TX. He then moved to Wisconsin where he pursued his Masters Degree in Business. Jorge Guifarro gained experience as a professional working for big companies such as General Electric/Kelly & Briggs Stratton in their Human Resources Department. While working in Human Resources and having constant interaction with Hispanic workers, international exchange employees, Jorge Guifarro became interested in providing assistance to Hispanics in general and in Immigration related Services. This interest led to what we now know as La Solucion LLC.

During his leadership, La Solucion LLC has been acknowledge and invited to participate in different meetings and project with non-profit organizations even though La Solucion LLC does not belong to this business category, but due to its increased recognition of assistance at low prices its has been viewed as such in many occasions. Jorge Guifarro continues to strive for the success of La Solucion LLC, its employees and contractors. La Solucion LLC is currently focused on creating more jobs/positions within its organization in order to continue the expansion of the business and services provided.

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