When you need an attorney, we can help you find someone who understands your legal matters.

In order to get in touch with one of our network attorneys, you simply need to call our main office number (262) 522-7551 to tell us about your legal need. One of our trained specialist will listen or review your case. Then, you will be placed in direct contact with an attorney that will be able to assist you.

Obtaining services with one of our network attorneys gives you the advantage that La Solucion LLC makes sure to you will obtain proper communication, and if needed, full translation during the services received by our referred attorney.

Clients who call us do not have to pay La Solucion LLC for a service fee or referral fee, no fee or annual fee to have access to our in-network attorneys. "In-network" simply means that these are attorneys who have agreed to work with La Solucion LLC and use La Solucion LLC’s services.

Another major advantage you as a client have when hiring one of our in-network attorneys, is that if during your case you are not satisfied with your attorney, we will serve as your liaison to talk with your attorney and request him to provide higher standards. We can also assist you in finding a new one and we will take in consideration your negative feedback against this attorney, which may lead to no longer considering this attorney as part of our network.

Areas of specialties for our in-network attorneys:

  • Immigration Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Family Law
  • Traffic
  • Child Support
  • Auto Accidents

If your legal need is outside the mentioned areas, most likely we will have to refer you with one our out-of-network attorneys.

Just in the Southeast WI area we match 100+ consumer with attorneys every month.


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